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The Annual Sadara Innovative Environmental Solutions Competition is a collaboration between Sadara Chemical Company and the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (RCJY). This Sadara sponsored environmental initiative is aimed at helping to realize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (U.N. SDGs). The competition is designed to encourage talented individuals to develop ideas or projects to help conserve our natural resources or contribute to the environment’s protection.

Competition Objectives

• Find innovative solutions for preserving natural resources, reducing pollution and eliminating waste in alignment with the U.N.’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) related to Natural Resources (saving water & energy or renewable energy) as well as Pollution and Waste (reduce, reuse, recycling, recover, eliminate the impact).

• Support the U.N. SDGs, through encouraging actions and initiatives on two levels: individual and collective efforts on one level and promoting volunteerism and community activity toward conserving the environment on a second level.

• Increase awareness about environmental issues and reinforce the importance of protecting the environment through encouraging innovative environmental solutions.

• Motivate the community to interact positively with environmental challenges faced today and in the future.

Competition Conditions and Instructions

1. Participation is open to individuals, groups, students, universities, scientific researchers and civil society organizations in Saudi Arabia.

2. Submitted ideas/projects should contribute to solving an environmental issue or conserving natural resources such as energy and water.

3. Submitted ideas/projects must be aligned with and focused on at least one of the U.N. Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) specified below:

A. Natural Resources :

B. Pollution & Waste :

4. The idea/project should be practical, applicable and have a clear positive environmental impact.

5. There should be a correlation between the desired benefits and the cost of implementing the idea/project.

6. The work must be original and not violate others’ intellectual property rights.

7. Qualified ideas/projects submitted must be as per the below instructions:

• The proposed idea/project should not exceed 5 pages and should be illustrated by a PowerPoint presentation (not more than 5 slides).(required)

• It is recommended to support your proposal with pictures and graphics whenever possible.(optional)

• Proposals can be supported with a video presentation that does not exceed 5 minutes.(optional)

8. Applications/proposals not following the above conditions and instructions will be disqualified.

9. Shortlisted candidates will be notified and requested to present their proposals to the Judging Panel as per the deadline specified.

Competition Timeline

• November 30, 2020: Final date for submission of entries.

• December 20-24, 2020: Review of entries by judging panel.

• December 30, 2020: Announcement of winners and runners-up.


The top three winners will receive cash prizes, trophies and a certificate of recognition. In addition, winning proposals may receive support for their execution within Jubail Industrial City when possible.

Judging Panel

The Judging Panel is a collaboration between Sadara and RCJY, using experienced and specialized judges.

Final date for submission of entries

November 30, 2020

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