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Sadara Conducts Its First Ever Technical Event As Part of Its Technical Enrichment Program

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Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia, Nov 26, 2020 –- Sadara executive management, engineers and other professionals gathered earlier this month for their first Technical Day event – a platform connecting Sadara’s professionals to exchange expertise, innovative ideas and success stories. The event was conducted as a major part of the new Sadara Technical Enrichment Program (STEP), and due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was a virtual one, made possible by the very latest digital technologies.

The Sadara Technical Enrichment Program (STEP) is a new initiative launched in early 2020 to provide an opportunity to share technical knowledge, innovation and expertise among the company’s professionals. STEP aims to boost the sharing of technical knowledge in different fields and thereby support Sadara’s journey toward being a world-class, leading organization.

The 2-day live event featured keynote speeches from Sadara senior management and external guest speakers, technical paper presentations from Sadara employees, presentations from external guest speakers and interactive virtual training sessions. The event featured a total of 59 sessions, where more than 60 speakers delivered presentations and more than 900 employees registered. 

Sadara CEO Dr. Faisal Al-Faqeer noted on this occasion that the Sadara Technical Enrichment Program is aligned with Sadara’s Vision and Mission as well as with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. He kicked off the event by addressing the audience, noting that “experts’ contributions demonstrate the imaginative thinking and innovative technical solutions that continue to propel Sadara forward as a technology leader in Saudi Arabia.” He added: “Reality puts great responsibility on leaders, as they need to foster and comprehend the innovation capabilities of employees and elevate expectations to their maximum potential.”

After the event, Wayne Muil, Sadara Vice President of Manufacturing & Engineering, commented: “This was the first Sadara Technical Enrichment Program gathering that we hosted at Sadara, and right from the beginning, when we called for papers, the interest has been exceptional. This has followed through to the quality of presentation and the flexibility to create virtual online sessions that were attended by more than 900 employees. Congratulations to our organizing team and the presenters for an excellent ‘technology enrichment’ program. We, as leaders, will do all that is in our power to create and sustain a culture of continuous innovation as we are aware of how crucial enablement is to our talented employees.”

Engineering Director Dr. Mohammed AlRabie, chairman of the STEP Committee, said: “As Sadara moves to a new level of stable operation, this new stage requires a new state of mind, new tools and new targets. The Sadara Technical Enrichment Program Technical Day event is one of our important tools for leveraging learnings and sharing knowledge and experiences among Sadara’s technical staff. We offer our continued support to the technical development and engagement of our people and we look forward to new innovations and participation in the program going forward. I am grateful to all of you who developed and submitted the 248 creative technical improvements and solutions to the Sadara Technical Enrichment Program committee.”

The participants in the technical event focused on four main areas: Operational Excellence, Innovative Industrial Technologies, Total Asset Integrity & Reliability, and Training & Learnings. The presentations and papers covered a wide range of topics, including Manufacturing & Operational Excellence; Process Technology; Cyber Security; Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) Technologies; Automation; Analytical Chemistry Instrumentation; Optimization; Sustainability; and Environmental Science.

Sadara Vision: “Lead the evolution of the chemical industry by creating value for Sadara, Saudi Arabia and the world.”

Sadara Mission: “Producing chemicals via innovative technologies and operational excellence to enable value-added products, improved quality of life and a diversified Saudi economy.”